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Sleek Makeup review
Sleek Makeup  review

First of all - this is NOT sponsored in ANY way by the brand, I just want to talk about it because I'm really into the brand and I love everything I have from them so, why not? Besides, some people don't want to try it because ~drugstore but I mean- if you're willing to pay more for a product that is actually worth it, why not pay less for a product that is just as good?

If you're into makeup or beauty bloggers, I'm sure Sleek is not an uncommon name. I don't remember how I got to know them, but it was honestly one of the best things I did makeup-wise.
I've read some people that said the packaging looks cheap and I honestly don't feel the same way- my Too Faced Rebel palette for example feels waaay cheaper.


Before starting with them let me say that you're not gonna read an all around bad review (using that term loosely) of these ones. I'd probably been lucky and got good palettes, but I know that other ones from the brand aren't these good (some friends have the Oh So Special and Au Naturel and I think it was the latter that I found quite bad actually in terms of pigmentation...)

Sleek makeup ultra mattes V2
Sleek Makeup - Ultra Matts V2

This was the first thing I got from them and I still love it since the way I did in day one (too the point were I'm seriously considering buying another one just in case). It's broken because well... things happen (like the palette falling off your hands) when you're getting ready to go out partying, and you're late, and you're running and... yeah. I was lucky to have that container for "Maple" and I just put tape over "pillow talk" because it wasn't too broken and I rarely use it.
The colors are SO nice to work with, blend extremely well and are very pigmented. The only shade I always have trouble with is "Noir"- of course it had to be one of my favorites. It just doesn't blend well so you have to be extra careful and go step by step with this one. But overall it's an A+ palette.

Sleek makeup sunset
Sleek Makeup - Sunset

Second one I bought, because back in the day I didn't have much glittery shadows in my collection, so this is a good adittion if you find yourself searching for neutral-but-glittery shadows. I've only used that orange one for carnival and never touch that horrendous blue one. 
Every shadow in this platte is glittery except for the black one, which is matte. And it's a great black too! Nowadays I almost use this platte exclusively for the black shadow, because it's sooo pigmented and easy to work with. The pinky shades are not as pigmented as they could be but oh well, you can't ask for everything.

Sleek makeup Vintage Romance
Sleek Makeup - Vintage Romance

This is one of those things you see online, fall in love and buy it without hesitation when it's finally out. I have green eyes so I was always on the hunt for a good purple-toned palette, so maybe you understand the little obsession I have with it.
First two shadows from the top row (Pretty in Paris and Meet in Madrid) are GREAT to highlight the inner corner of the eye, the white one when the make-up is more silvery and the gold one when is more neutral. I use the last one in that row (Propose in Prague) everytime I do my make up, seriously, 99 out of 100 time. It's a great one to define the eye-at least in my skin tone, because it gives the illusion of deepening the eyes without being too brown. The one below it (Love in London) has too much fall out that I don't think I've used it more that two times. And Lust in L.A. (the greenish metallic shade) is the less pigmented one, sadly, because it's stunning. 
I love this platte and the diversity of the looks you can create with it, it's my go-to platte for weekend trips in winter.


Sleek makeup face contour kit
Sleek makeup - Face Contour kit in light

Long story short, I wanted to buy the Anitque blush, but the store I was going to buy it for run out of it and I thought it was because Sleek didn't make it anymore (but I learned last week that they do!! I'ms o happy) so I only have this contour thing.
Although maybe saying "only" and "contour thing"doesn't really suit THE product that this is. Honestly, with all this contouring craze that has been going on I haven't even think of buying another contour "thing".
The highlighter is pink and the light particles (is that what those are called?) are silver, so they give a nice lighting effect. Be careful tho- it may not look that you're applying enough, and you might go a little overboard with it... beware when you see photos (I had SUCH a laugh that one-and only- time with my friends because in all photos from that day my cheekbones were shining like crazy).
The dark shadow is also great, it blends amazingly and is really soft. You just have to be as careful applying product as you're with any other contour shade because you really don't wanna over apply it.


I used to have three lipstick, but I couldn't find anywhere my "Papaya Punch" shade. You can see how it looks here.

Sleek makeup exxxagerate
Sleek Makeup - Exxxagerate

It is still one of my favorite colors and lipsticks. Watch and read about it here

Sleek makeup Smother
Sleek Makeup - Smother

One of my friends bought it as a present on my birthday, because every time I had the chance I asked to borrow it from her. It's a sheen but it stays through mostly everything- even drinking beer from the bottle (if that isn't a way to test lipsticks I don't know what is). It looks more reddish than it actually is; when the color is applied it remind me of those super dark cherries-but the inside of them, kind of purple but without losing that rich dark red. Comparing it with the other two I own, the application is over the top, so easy and smooth. What can i say, I just love it.

Sleek makeup Matte Me Birthday Suit
Sleek Makeup - Matte Me in shade Birthday Suit

This was one a "don't think about it" purchase because if I did int he moment, I would have probably not buy it, although I'm glad I did. It's a lip cream that dries matte, is the only one of this kind that I have. Also the color is really similar to my lip color, just a little bit darker, so I really like to wear it in the fall when it's windy and I can't wear lipstick because hair but I still don't want to go nude on the lips. The only bad thing of this product is that it dries TOO much. It will hold to any flakiness you lips may have or dry them out if you don't usually hydrate them.

SO that's it- my Sleek collection from now. I plan on growing it, tho. I've seen some new palette on the website... and also know that Antique is finally here to stay...

Is anything from here on your collection too? Or something you don't like at all?

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Sleek--on one hand, their products are crazy pigmented and of good quality, and on the other...because they're so pigmented, I CAN'T IMAGINE EVER USING ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS UP AT THIS RATE BECAUSE YOU NEED SO LITTLE PRODUCT!! (But I do love their packaging! Very.../sleek/ ahahahahahahahar)

    I want the 'Antique' blush too, but I've already got four of their blushes. 'Smother' looks like a shade that's soooo up my alley *-*



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