HEY - I did not plan to be gone for such a long time...


Just a quick update!
I did not plan on abandoning the blog... but my University career, or degree or whatever you call it depending on where you're from is honestly time-consuming (and also happiness consuming but that's another story... ha) that I did not have a lot of free time to update and when I did have free time I honesty didn't feel like updating.

ANYWAYS- I've been on summer vacation for a month, so I kind of miss this! And I'm going on a very exciting trip in two weeks so... expect a lot of new products from there... heh.
I'm also ending some products and therefore will do an empties thing, and I also plan on uploading the reviews I did LONG ago but never got here.

Hope you're all having great vacations or if you don't... at least a great time!

Idoia- xx

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