Tony Moly Timeless Pore Minimizer


Tony Moly Timeless Pore Minimizer
Tony Moly Timeless Pore Minimizer
You just have to read some of my previous post about skincare (like the Mizon toner one, or the Kiehl's mask one) to know that I have this weird -let's call it obsession- with pore-everything products. It might be because I just think it looks sooo bad when people do their makeup and you can see it "soaking" the super large pores... so I may be a little paranoid now that I'm thinking about it.

Anyway, I don't even remember how I came across this one, but I do remember being obsessed to find it. It was hard to find a good seller for a similar price to the one in Korea (about 25€). I've seen this product being sold online for 40€! Maybe one of the reasons for it it's because it looks really similar to the Estee Lauder Pore Minimizing serum ( click ). I mean... the similarity it's even one of the "silent" marketing things for this serum. Even on the internet, you can read everywhere that this Tony Moly one is the dupe for the Estee Lauder one. I can say if that's true or not, since I've never tried the later.

In a little booklet that comes in the package, the company explains the benefits of the "Timeless Ampoule Line" which consist of 3 different essences or ampoules targeted for different skin concerns- dryness, barrier-loss, texture, pores, elasticity and sensitivity. The pore minimizer essence is the one in charge of improving elasticity and (surprise!) pores. There's also a graphic that shows that after 14 days of using this product, the appearance of enlarged pores was reduced.

Apparently, they did these products with micro capsulation, in which some ingredients (like ceramide) are capsulated, in order to the skin to be able to absorb those ones better. It is also stated the "pore care ampoule essence with the added ingredient of Acetyl Glutamine leaves the skin feeling smooth and elastic".

But, onto the real question: does this work?

Honestly, I don't have a straight answer for that question. Let me explain myself:

Does it reduce the appearance of pores? Yes... but as long as you're using it every day. I consider this more of a primer in that aspect, it creates the illusion of reduced pores, but as soon as you wash off the products (for me it's during my night skincare routine) the pores are exactly the same as they were in the morning before applying the essence.

Does it leaves the skin smooth? Again, yes, as long as you apply it. I use it only in my T zone and top of the cheeks and the skin feels amazing after it, really smooth and I would even say hydrated. But I haven't noticed anything in the long run- it hasn't improved the hydration or smooth-ness in those areas.

Do I like? I dooo. I love it. Even thought I'm not so sure I would buy it again, but it's just feels so so good. You're gonna laugh, but I feel filthy rich when I apply it- like it's something worth a thousand dollars. Apart from the feeling it leaves on the skin, I think it's also because of the smell. It's also amazing- it's like a mixture of an expensive face cream (you know what I'm talking about if you've ever smelled one) and lemon! When I first got it I just smell it because honestly, it's that good- at least for me.

Tony Moly Timeless Pore Minimizer

The Tony Moly Timeless Pore Minimizer comes in a bottle of 50ml (huge, I was expecting a tiny bottle) and retails for about USD$30 in Korea, so watch out if you're interested in buying it if the price is too inflated.

(pst... I bought it kpoptown, together with the oil cleanser I speak of here but since they gave me ZERO samples... I'm not buying again from them teheee).

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