Updated korean skincare routine


Korean morning skincare routine
Updated korean morning skincare routine
2016 update: Click here to see my latest published korean morning skincare routine.
Actualización 2016: Click aquí para ver la última rutina coreana diaria publicada.

Woha, this has been long! Blame University for it, honestly. Also, my camera was playing with me again and it wouldn't focus like it should.

Anyway, here's a breakdown of the products I'm using at the moment for my morning skincare routine:

- Foam Cleanser: Missha - SUPER AQUA Refreshing cleansing foam (review coming)
- Eye cream: Shiseido - IBUKI Eye correcting cream (review coming)
- Toner: Innisfree - WHITE TONE UP skin (review coming)
- Essence/serum/ampoule: Nature Republic - AQUA Super aqua max moisture capsule ampoule (review coming)
- Moisturizer: Shiseido - PURENESS matifying moisturizer oil-free (review here )
- Little help: La Roche Posay - CICAPLAST pro-recovery skincare for flaking, chapped skin
- More help: Tony Moly - TIMELESS pore minimizer (review here )

I plan on posting the reviews the following weeks, since I've been using almost all the products since Februrary.
Have a good day!

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