Anybody out there?


Hello!  (lmao)

I can't believe my last time publishing something was in March! Well, I actually can believe it... My life has been PACKED with just university. What can I say, my career sucks. But I already told you all that in that little zone at the right.

I am now in my last weeks of university, and this last trimester (does that even exists in english? It's like a semester but just 3 months instead of 6) was when I had to turn in my final degree project.
I study Architectural Engineering and my project is a housing implementation project, and even if we do it in groups it's still a lot of work. In May I think I slept for about 4 hours every day (if I was lucky lol) but my professors decided that we can get a better mark if we submit the project in July (rather than last week, when we were supposed to) so I still have some weeks left here! yay! (no)

I have also been mentally planning my life from September onwards, so I'm sorry I didn't even log in here. I'm a disaster, I know, I even had some entries written and I just needed to press "submit".

Anyway, I'll be making a comeback little by little! I have a lot of products to talk about so I'm actually excited.

Also, Sephora in Spain is now carrying Tony Moly and everytime I think about it I still feel weird??? And they even play some really bad versions of old kpop songs (I heard I'm the best and Mr. Simple) and the saleswomen all have badges with their name in hangul and with sayings like "I love kpop" and other really embarrassing things and everything is so ?????

Hope everything is going great for all of you.


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