Nails of the week: Essence Nude Glam Café Olé


Essence nude glam Cafe Ole swatch
Essence nude glam 07 Cafe Ole
Sorry I've been MIA but I'm still adapting to Uni again, and I don't have my camera here with me... / Siento no poder postear más, estoy ajustándome todavía otra vez a la Universidad y no tengo mi cámara aquí...

One of my favorite nudes! :)
Uno de mis nudes favoritos :)

Straight to the point:

  • Base: OPI Nail Envy Original.
  • On the bottle it has kind of a metallic shine, but it (thankfully) doesn't translate to the nail.
  • Surprisingly, being the brand, really easy to apply.
  • 2 coats.
  • They changed the bottle since I first got it, this is the old design.

Al grano:

  • Base: Nail Envy Original de OPI.
  • En el bote tiene como un brillo metálico, que menos mal que no se nota al aplicarlo.
  • Para ser esmalte de esta marca (que no soy muy fan), tiene muy buena aplicación.
  • 2 capas.
  • Sí, es lel formato viejo x]

Sorry for the not-so-great photo quality, but it was more of a quick I'm-not-dead update.
Ya sé que la calidad de la foto no es muy buena, pero era más bien por hacer una entrada para que sepáis que no he abandonado ;)

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2 comentarios

  1. Ouu, pretty! I can see why it's one of your favourite nudes--Essence does make amazing things from time to time, and I frickin' love how inexpensive their stuff are!

    (Also, you commented on my blog about a month ago re: university; I hope you're doing alright with your program! Hang in there; it'll [hopefully] be done soon!)
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

    1. It really does- I don't really like their makeup, but their nail polishes are quite good for their price! haha
      (let's hope it is done soon! ^_^haha)



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