My korean skincare routine


Daily korean skincare routine
Daily korean skincare routine

I suppose you all know by now about the "bazillion" steps of a korean skincare routine. If not (you need to read more about it), lets simply say: layering technique consisting of:
Morning: cleanser - toner - essence/serum - eye cream - emulsion/cream - sunscreen "- makeup".
Night: double cleanse - toner - essence/serum - eye cream - emulsion/cream + optional products.
Before getting into it, let me say that I don't do a double cleanse; I don't do the "first cleanse" with oil cleanser or cleansing balm because I'm still using what I've left of my micellar water to remove my makeup (and I honestly can't wait to finish it).
Also:Pictured are only the products I use daily (no spot treatments, masks etc).



I use La Roche Posay's micellar water to remove my makeup and it's honestly the last one I buy. I've tried quite a lot brands and I just don't get the hype for them; micellar waters are probably the worst makeup removers I've ever tried. I do plan on getting an oil cleanser later and also a cleansing balm.

As for the "regular" cleanser, I was using until not long ago Avène Cleanance Gel. I like it, and I've been using it now for several months and noticed a big difference in my skin, but sometimes it does feel a little harsh on the skin. When temperatures started to drop and wind made its appearance to stay, I started getting dry patches in the chin area, so I changed the cleanser the moment I could.
The one I use now is the Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing Foam, and I love it. Days after started using it, and without altering anything more in my routine, I noticed a big difference. And the smell!<3 I already did a full review about it here.


I currently use  Mizon Witch Hazel 90% Toner. It smells amazing (I suppose it smells like witch hazel but I haven't smell one in my life), although I'm not very happy about it being astringent. I use it with my fingers, and I've noticed that since I started using it serums and ampoules "sink" better onto the skin.


After being so many years in denial thinking these kind of products are only for mature skin, pardon me but I have to start slowly with them. At the moment I'm using only hydrating essences, Pictured Holika Holika Aqua Fantasy Essence, which I use in the morning; and the Nature Republic Original Power Hydro ampoule, which I use at night for being a higher concentrated product. Specially the Nature Republic one, smells expensive, you know, like the smell of really high end creams. I love it.

Eye cream

I'm using this gel cream I bought in Sephora. It does the job and I like the roll-on since it gives a cold feeling, always very welcomed in the under-eye area. You can also fully control de amount of product to use squeezing the bottle.
I'm dying to finish it, tho, since I already bought Shisheido's Ibuki eye correcting cream.


I already wrote an entry here about this very important step. Also, since I started with this skincare routine, I've noticed that I need less amount of product to fully hydrate the skin. For example, I used to need two pumps of the Shiseido emulsion, and now one pump is mor ethan enough.

Spot treatment, exfoliators, masks... not pictured

Did you think I was done? Ha. I don't use them all at once, but depending which day of the week are we in (on Mondays I use one, on Wednesdays another one etc). I'm planning on doing a full review of these spot treatment products but I'm a little bit hesitant since all of them are "drugstore produtcs" recommended to me by my dermatologist.
Also, for masks I used to like the creams ones, but ever since I tried a (korean) paper one I don't wanna use any other.

Nope, I don't use night creams or sleeping packs, and I don't plan on doing it anytime soon. I've tried sleeping packs that were given to me as samples but I'm not buying a full size anytime soon.
So tell me! Which are the ones you recommend?

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